Get rid of dat crap

Commands to remove unwanted profiles

Having profiles on your mac is frustrating and annoying, but how do you remove em? VPN's may help, but they can be slow or not work at all and aren't always trustworthy. Also, most only work in the browser, and when you need something systemwide, your usually out of luck. The answer is, of course, the terminal! With this site, you will find commands to remove the SW proxy/profiles and get back to business. All commands are free of charge and you don't ever need to download anything! Just copy and paste commands into the macOS terminal and hit enter.*

*some commands may need you to hit enter more than once or to authenticate yourself.

First things first, you need an admin account. Refer to this artical if you don't have one: Create mac admin

Now, open the mac terminal. You may want to be familiar with it and if you aren't, don't stress. To make things much easier you can enable root and login as it.


After creating a root password, or if you allready have it set up, login as it.

login root

Next thing to do is see what profiles are on your mac.

/usr/bin/profiles -C

The output of the above command should either show the profileIdentifiers for all profiles or if you don't have any installed, nothing. This is for if the profileIdentifires have changed last time I upldated this.

A simple command to remove all profiles without any prep is below.

sudo /usr/bin/profiles -D

If the command above didn't work, try this:

sudo profiles -R -p RCS-MBP2MJ7SMFK.afbf1fe1-c265-4fd2-b878-ed4d4aecde7e.Configuration.afbf1fe1-c265-4fd2-b878-ed4d4aecde7e
sudo profiles -R -p TechDept01.60162d0c-4eaa-4612-86db-20364bf6b919.Configuration.60162d0c-4eaa-4612-86db-20364bf6b919
sudo profiles -R -p RCS-MBP2MJ7SMFK.fb347e4c-9790-4285-832e-35ad19c9c499.Configuration.fb347e4c-9790-4285-832e-35ad19c9c499
sudo profiles -R -p TechDept01.eaddcd2c-da4f-44b2-ac97-969241b228dd.Configuration.eaddcd2c-da4f-44b2-ac97-969241b228dd

If everything worked correctly, then you should see in the System Prefances app, profiles are not grayed out. Another indication that you have no profiles is when the icon is missing. Great job!